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Washroom Cubicle - Flo-Line Series at Kyissa

Where can you find washroom cubicles that offer more privacy than standard facilities?

Can secure, private washroom cubicles also be easy to clean?

Flo-Line is Kyissa's latest washroom cubicle system. This designer cubicle system was developed to offer businesses the highest standards in durability, privacy and modern, attractive designs.

Benefits of the Flo-Line System

  • Privacy: A profiled aluminium extruded frontal blade shields gaps between walls and panels, offering your employees and clients complete privacy
  • Better Company Image: Reliable performance and attractive designs show that your business cares about providing comfortable conveniences
  • Durability: Quality manufacturing materials and methods produce sturdy and durable washroom cubicles
  • Easy Cleaning: Easy-to-clean surfaces makes Floline cleaning and maintenance quick and simple.

Features of the Flo-Line system

  • Custom Made: Available in standard dimensions, or custom made to your specifications
  • Wide range: Large variety of decorative finishes easily adapt to your building's décor
  • Choice: Choose your panel colour and metal finishes, e.g. powder coating or anodised aluminium
  • Easy Installation: Floline cubicle systems include easy-to-follow installation instructions, or Kyissa can arrange to install them for you
  • Economical: Half the cost of comparable imported cubicle designs.

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